Stuck in a Funk

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The past year has been a constant worry of ” what the heck am I doing? ” for a number of reasons. Between adjusting to college and continuously taking a wild guess at what it is I’m supposed to be doing with my life, you could say I’ve been rather lost. For a while there it sort of felt like I had just been going through the motions instead of living through the moment. I don’t know about you, but when I get in a funk I tend to let myself stay in the funk. Sooner or later the funk gets old, and for me it got old real fast. Learning how to pick myself up took a lot of work, but I definitely grasped a few pointers a long the way.


Acknowledge that things aren’t the way you want them. Be willing to take the necessary steps. Things will never change if you continue to do everything the same.


How you feel about or see yourself typically dictates how you’re going to carry yourself in day to day life. So something that I’ve been doing is making sure that I start my day feeling confident and eager. For some that may mean taking extra time in the morning to get ready. For me, that’s purposely setting my alarm earlier than I need to so that I have time to just lay in bed a while. For me, thats more often than not, throwing my hair in a bun and dressing like I’m heading to the gym even though we all know I’m not. But in that I feel myself. As long as you feel comfortable and ready than it really doesn’t matter how you got there. When you believe in you others will too.


If you’re surrounded by negativity  every day, that negativity will eventually manifest it’s way into your routine and atmosphere. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to surround yourself with people and things that both lift you up and inspire you. I put little messages and various quotes up in my room, at school and now at home,where I knew I’d see them first thing every morning. I used them as my daily reminder to aspire for positive thinking.

Find your people. The ones that laugh with you, cry with you, and especially the ones that fully indulge with you on all things ice cream. When you find them, keep them close.


Work it Out

Never, and I mean n e v e r, keep what you’re feelings bottled up. Get that shit out. Holding it all in is going to get you absolutely no where, trust me. Writing things out has always been my go to when it comes to expressing how I feel or changing my mood. Theres something so therapeutic about putting your raw thoughts on paper or just writing about something completely random to take your mind of whats bothering you. I even “work out” sometimes when I just need to sweat the toxicity out. So tell your best friend, write it down, or even run it out, just get rid of whatever negative energy that’s holding you back.

Put Yourself First

Take the time to take care of you. Go for a drive with the windows down and jam to some old Taylor Swift without a care in the world. Relax. Take a breath when you need it and push yourself to reach for more. In no way is there anything wrong with choosing yourself every once in awhile. So do it, I promise it’ll be worth it.

Here’s to becoming the best you!


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I mean, Why not???

thejeepandthespot1 (14 of 25

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t aimlessly using a notebook as my own personal outlet, seemingly keeping the content strictly between myself and the page. What I have to say may or may not hold any importance, but I’m hoping that my short 19 years have left me with some form of credibility. My life has been a series of growing pains that often seemed endless, and with that in mind I’ve decided to put the pencil down and bring my next chapters to life.

Here, I write to clear my head.

Here, my thoughts run rampant and the boundaries are transparent.

My hope is that others will relate to the struggle of an average millennial juggling divorce, friendship, the future, fuck boys, school, and the countless joys that come along with growing up. Lets not forget the struggle of trying {emphasis on the trying} to keep up with the latest trends, all things bachelor, and my ongoing marvel addiction. #Shawn&KaitPlsGetMarriedAlready

Whelp heres to me living out my inner Carrie Bradshaw, read as you wish…

I mean, why not?



  • Pics By ~ Brighton Forsgren

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