I mean, Why not???

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I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t aimlessly¬†using a notebook as my own personal outlet, seemingly keeping the content strictly between myself and the page. What I have to say may or may not hold any importance, but I’m hoping that my short 19 years have left me with some form of credibility. My life has been a series of growing pains that often seemed endless, and with that in mind I’ve decided to put the pencil down and bring my next chapters to life.

Here, I write to clear my head.

Here, my thoughts run rampant and the boundaries are transparent.

My hope is that others will relate to the struggle of an average millennial juggling divorce, friendship, the future, fuck boys, school, and the countless joys that come along with growing up. Lets not forget the struggle of trying {emphasis on the trying} to keep up with the latest trends, all things bachelor, and my ongoing marvel addiction. #Shawn&KaitPlsGetMarriedAlready

Whelp heres to me living out my inner Carrie Bradshaw, read as you wish…

I mean, why not?



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