Clothes You’ll Actually Need & Wear

As I sadly sit here and pack up to head back to school next week I started to think about all of the clothes I brought last year that did nothing but take up space I didn’t even have lol. I brought an outfit for just about everything under the sun and then some. I mean the shirt I bought sophomore year of high school that had never left the hanger made it…. so yeah over packer at her finest over here. That being said I’m attempting to travel a little lighter this year {honestly I think I’m a lost cause at this point but there’s always hope} so I thought I’d break down some of my main necessities.

Class Act

Okay so here’s what you definitely need the most of: t-shirts on leggings on sweatshirts on leggings on lulu… oh and yes leggings. Idk about y’all but unless I absolutely have to there’s no way I’m ever dressing up for class and I bet odds are you won’t either. So shoot for comfort and a lot of it.

What you need:

  • Crew Necks
  • Comfy shorts (pictured: lulu lemon)
  • Workout gear– for motivation purposes
  • comfy T (pictured: nordstrom rack)
  • Easy and comfortable slip on shoes (pictured: birkenstock’s)
  • Tennis Shoes (pictured: nikes- Nordstrom Rack)

Multi Use

I will say it’s super nice to have versatile pieces that you know you’ll wear all of the time and for different things. The best thing about pieces like this is that they make transitioning from season to season or event to event sooo much easier.

What you want to have:

  • A college or graphic T (pictured: UT t-shirt, Brandy Melville, Nordstrom Rack)
    • These are so good for class, heading to the gym, and even being knotted up to pair with some jeans for a “cute” casual outfit lol (the knot is a game changer). Not to mention they can so easily be used as a layering piece with dresses and jackets.
  • Simple dresses (pictured: Pacsun)
    • For the one day you felt like being cute or a cute girls dinner. Its always a good idea to have an easy slip on dress that you can where for things across the board.
  • Jean jacket (pictured: Von Mar)
    • Can’t emphasize this one enough. Throwing on a jean jacket brings every T-shirt look to the next level.
  • Classic Sandal (pictured: Forever21)
    • So shoes is where I always go wrong. I think I brought just about every pair I own last year, but truthfully you won’t have the space for all of them nor will you wear the majority of them. So bring your staples.

Game Day

Game day attire really depends on your school, but it’s important to have things that will be worn past football season. Feel free to mix it up and vary your “dressed up” level. We put together several outfits that hopefully cover your schools typical game day attire and themes.

Go Big Red:

  • White Out {top left}
    • Overall Dress (pictured: Nordstrom Rack)
    • College T-shirt
    • White booties (pictured: American Threads)
  • Cute and Simple {remaining top row, bottom right}
    • Romper & simple and comfy brown sandals (pictured: Nordstrom Rack)
    • Red tie shirt & Black Skirt (pictured: American Eagle)
      • Black Converse
    • White T-shirt & Denim Skirt (pictured: Nordstrom Rack)
    • Red Tank ( pictured: Brandy Melville)
      • White Jeans (pictured: Urban Outfitters)
      • Platforms (pictured: American Threads)
  • Easy Easy {Bottom left}
    • College T-shirt
      • Cut Off shorts (pictured: American Eagle)

Night Out

Alright you don’t need a thousand different things to wear every Friday night. Bring yourself a few options and mix and match through out the year. Lay out what you know will be your go to’s and stick with that.

The basics:

  • A black top (Pictured: Forever21, Target, Urban Outfitters)
    • So easy, so cute, and so easy to pair with just about anything
  • Cut Offs (pictured: Nordstrom Rack)
  • Black skirt (pictured: American Eagle)
  • Durable Shoes (pictured: Steve Madden, Converse)
    • Shoes that can easily be washed or whipped clean

Hopefully this simple breakdown helped you narrow down what exactly you’re bringing with you to your home away from home. Remember if you haven’t worn it in the past year you’re not going to wear it any time soon so leave it behind. Keep it simple and bring lots of your basics–not multiple pieces you’re only going to wear once maybe twice at most. Better get to packing 🙂


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Braid Away

Does anyone else ever get tired of having the same old straight or curly hair every day? For me, I love adding some sort of braid to spice up my ever so average look. A simple braid often puts people under the impression that you spent an extra 30 minutes getting ready that morning, when in fact you did the opposite. Think about it people, if you braid a section of your hair when you’re wearing it curly…you’ve got one less section to curl. I’ll be honest, I’m almost always running late—scratch that I am most definitely a l w a y s late, meaning I constantly have a braid in my hair. Braids don’t have to be some intricate thing that look near to impossible for most people. Seriously sometimes a three strand brand is all you need. Whether it be a full braid, a half up half down look, a braid to add some variation, or even a braid to go back into a pony tail/ bun- they’re all easier than you think and add so much “effort” to your look. Feel free to let these pictures be your inspiration or guide the next time you get ready.


They Aren’t Scary

Don’t be intimidated. Start with something simple. Youtube and Pinterest are your best friends when it comes to learning how to master different braiding styles. Start with a three strand braid and then work your way into a french or dutch braid. Practice makes perfect. Don’t just overlook these styles because you told yourself you can’t do it.

Pancake, Pancake, Pancake 

The key to any braid is pulling, or pancaking, it out to make it look big and full. This is how all you thin haired people fool the world into believing you’ve got a nice and thick mop.



Add an accessory. I don’t know about y’all, but for the life of me I can’t just wrap my hair around to hide which ever elastic is holding it in place. You’re a wizard if you can. Add a scarf. This will not only hide the hair tie but it’ll add so much life and texture to your outfit.

Tricked Ya

Okay so while this style can be done by a legitimate braid, it can also be accomplished by a fake one. If your fingers can’t quite seem to coordinate themselves into handling several strands at once try this method of “braiding”. I’ve left a link to the video that taught me how to achieve the Pull Through Braid in seriously no time at all. I highly suggest giving it a try, but ultimately do whatever works best for you.

If you’re out on the go, in a rush to meet your girlfriends for dinner, or if you’re just tired of constantly wearing your hair the same add a braid to change the game!


  • Pics By ~ Brighton Forsgren

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