When life gives you lemons and then they’re sour

Rule #2- Add your own sugar

Do you ever stop to think about the things that happen to you, and get that WTF feeling or in my case OTM {only to me, because obviously your “hardships” couldn’t possibly happen to anyone else}?? I’m talking about the moments that stop you in your tracks and make you stare at the sky screaming “R E A L L Y”. The ones that swing you between hilarious chatter and embarrassing cries, you know depending on the day. Yeah my life is full of those.

Lets get a good laugh, shall we:

For starters people think my name is rice. I kinda look like I don’t have shoulders. I accidentally let someone shave part of my head. An 8 page paper has deleted itself from my computer an hour before its due….more than once. I have a pig/ Shih Tzu mix that legitimately sweats. I definitely slept through the ACT once. The inner thigh of my pants ripped on the first lap of the mile, and my P. E. teacher told me I had to finish running before I could change. One time I peed my pants on a friends front porch… I was 13! My entire middle school career… HA. I had to get 10 staples in my head, but don’t ask me how I cut it open because to this day I have no idea. Last but not least, my friends loved me so much that they removed me from our group message for over a year because I made their messages green :).

Just when you think things are going right they go left. A lot of things happen that could and honestly probably should ruin my day. Things that should leave me in despair and angst, hating the world. But what a crappy way to go through life that would be. I’ve found that wallowing in defeat and exerting all your energy on what went wrong instead of addressing the problem head on can be quite exhausting. Laugh a little. You may not want to but honestly it’ll be funny one day, so why not make it funny today. Laughter is the best medicine God ever gave us, and to make it even better it’s impossible to overdose. I’d be lying if I told you that I never let something bring me down, but I do my best to find the humor in every situation. I promise it’s easier than you think.

I mean it’s up to you. The only person that can ever make something feel like it’s the end of the world is you. Alllll you. Don’t get me wrong, you’re totally allowed to be pissed off or upset about something for a little while. I’ll give you like a 24 hour grace period. Honestly more like the 10 second rule, because I promise you your friends don’t want to hear about how you spilt orange juice on your white pants 5 different times in one day. Just get over it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. There have been so many times when I’ve been in a typically high stress situation, and I’m just chilling in it. I think my friends often get stressed out for me and my it’ll work out attitude kinda freaks them out. But that’s just it. Everything will always and I mean a l w a y s work out exactly like it’s supposed to.

So life gave you a lemon and then it was sour. So what. You control how and what gets to affect your mood. Yes, you may want to crawl in a hole and cry for the rest of forever. Yes, it may seem like things are never going to go your way ever again. Its all part of life and you’ll always find your way back up. Most of all, your not alone in your struggles. Odds are the person sitting next to you has a lemon thats even more pungent than yours.

When life goes sour and makes you feel weak, add your own sugar and make it something sweet!!


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