Thanks Bobby

Rule #1- Take full advantage of life’s by chance moments 

So last week my friends and I came across this tag-less dog {by came across I mean nearly ran over} whose hair was quite literally blowing in the wind #shedding and who quickly became the nights most wanted unwanted guest. After a trip to the vet we learned he wasn’t chipped, so the obvious next step was to go to Walmart to get pee pads… and the 12th employee we passed decided he wasn’t allowed in the store… yeah so can I get a clean up on isle 7 there seems to be a slight stench of BS stocking the shelves 🙂

Side note: Not sure why I just keep calling him dog cause his name is Bobby, but not just regular Bobby…Bobby with a “Ya just like yur faaatha” kind of accent, you know the one. Now was his name actually Bobby, definitely not… But did we care, yeah nope.

While he did steal our hearts and taking him around town was quite the show, we had no idea who he belonged to and he only booked a one night stay at the Rhyse motel, so things were looking rough for poor Bobby. Now get this…

Me: “Maybe we’ll see his owner out looking for him”

Bobby: **Sticks head out window and proceeds to have the time of his life**

Brighton: “Look there’s a guy on his bike”

Me: “Maybe he’s looking for Bobby”

Maddie: “He would not be looking for his dog right now on a bike… with headphones on?? ”

Bobby: **Extends neck**

Guy on bike, calls himself David: **Breaks real fast** “IS THAT MY DOG”

So long story short Bobby, who was actually a Charlie, found his rightful owner and we were left crushed and in the feels, talk about a ruff night. Maddie and Brighton ended up staying the night afterwards because you know it was past midnight and well #sad. Turns out we all stayed up until well after 4:00 a.m. just laying there talking about all things life. What a night.

It’s funny to think about coincidence and random chance. Funny how finding Bobby showed to be quite the adventure and yet Bobby’s not what I cherish most about that night. That night I made a pallet on my bedroom floor like a true middle school sleepover with 2 girls I admire with my every being. We went from talking about the deepest of things to learning how to properly moisturize, and I was truly present for it all. Present in a way of enjoying it. Enjoying a night that would have never happened hadn’t it been for Bobby. Present in a gift that Bobby gave us. A gift of innocence, solace, humor, and friendship. Even though I see Brighton and Maddie nearly every day, this was different. It reminded me how much I value the differences in each of us. Brighton is as go with the flow and charismatic as they come and Maddie is constantly yearning for the betterment of others, even bugs. More importantly this night brought me back to a place I hadn’t seen in a while, a place of pure content. I would’ve listened to the three of us talk for days on end never losing interest. Lord, I would go back to walking Bobby around in a grocery cart any given day.

Life is full of random encounters and coincidental moments. We more often than not miss out on making our “what ifs” and “could’ve beens” a reality simply because we never give them a chance. So give em a go.  Stop and help the turtle cross the street. Wave at the cute boy that you know is staring at you from the car next to you. Heck, pick up a lost dog for a few hours and grieve his loss like he’s always been yours. Do it all with purpose. Einstein once said, “coincidence is Gods way of remaining anonymous.” By an act of said coincidence I got a night that made me feel like a 12 year old kid again staying up late talking with my besties. I got a night that I’ll always cherish, a night that I didn’t really know I needed.

So take on the random encounters with full swing and pure intent. You just might get a night you won’t forget.


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